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It’s all about the revenue

Today’s complex sales require strategic collaboration
between your sales and marketing teams

If you’re selling into the enterprise, you know that sales cycles are long, buying councils are getting bigger, and (in our new reality) not everyone is in the same place geographically. B2B marketing is changing and the challenges are large:

The sales funnel is a bad metaphor


10+ decision- makers have a say in your deal


Enterprise sales cycles last 6+ months


The line between sales & marketing is blurred


Yes, COVID-19 really changed everything


More buying research takes place off your website


You can’t just rely on your relationships


The need for multi-channel orchestration


Beliefs shape reality. Reframe your agency expectations.

Vanity metrics don’t matter at all

SaaS or service deals take time to cure. That puts us squarely in the signal sourcing and management business.
There’s leading metrics that signal how close we are to our lagging metric of revenue. We’ll help you distill which leading metrics actually result in revenue through structured testing and intentional learning.

People buy like volcanos erupt

A funnel implies that gravity helps your deals from top to bottom. That’s bullshit. Constant, measurable pressure forces deals upward towards revenue.

Split your funnel, then flip the hunting-side

Buyers who meet your brand because of a high-intent longtail keyword search from google or syndicated content should be treated differently than a VP in a valuable account who doesn’t know you or your brand. They each have different needs, struggles, and journeys to purchase. We’ll help you build to serve them both.

Tether marketing and sales discipline across your teams

Collaborating on selling and marketing into an account takes muscle memory to do well. The experience of sharing and ideating together with a single relationship goal changes how our teams think about how to win.

Focus your investments on learning & making progress

The things you do to grow at $2M, $20M, $150M, and $1.5B are all different, but you’re always in the learning fast business.

Testing only matters if you learn something that helps you create new revenue, improve your competitive positioning/understanding, or avoid continued spending on things that don’t work.

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Sales and marketing leaders at growth companies partner with us to scale faster.
If you’re like most of our clients, you want help with one of these jobs:


Align your revenue team

Transformation is never easy. Getting your marketing and sales organizations to dig in together takes intentional effort. Ampfactor can help you join forces so you can focus on opportunities and execute strategies that lead to revenue growth. Everyone wins.


Build a blueprint for success

Starting or scaling an account-based revenue initiative is no small feat. Beyond the technology (really that’s the easy part) there’s the implementation of process and team workflows that move an account from a suspected opportunity to gaining traction, engagement, your beachhead deal, and then selling tall deep and wide into the lifetime value of that account. We’ll work alongside your team to get them exposed to effective ABM execution and develop a roadmap to hand over. the reins over a 24-36 month period.


Know your buyers

Lightbulb, vase, and pear-shaped funnels are a direct result of incomplete buyer knowledge. Let us help you know what their challenges are, what fires they fight, and how they make progress away from their current solution to your solution.


Go to market

Planning is a vital component of any successful ABM initiative, but, as Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  Ampfactor can help you go to market with either done-for-you ABM-as-a-Service campaigns or with ABM consulting and agency services to augment your current account based marketing programs.


Reformulate your message

Whether you’re building a new practice, trying to find better product-market fit, or need better pipeline performance, your strategic narrative for the organization and the messaging used in multi-channel campaigns need to resonate with the market. Plus, the days of unaccountable content are over — you need data to demonstrate that your content works.


Capitalize on technology

If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. All too often, we see ABM leaders who think that the first step of a successful program is to buy a big, huge tech stack. Technology is a vital component of your ABM success, but tech should be part of the output from your strategy and not the driver of it. Ampfactor helps organizations choose the right technology and can either let you rent our stack or help you acquire the right tools for the right job.


Discover new accounts

It doesn’t always have to be a new lighthouse, beachhead, or bunker account that will signal to a segment of the market that your brand is the obvious choice. Net new logo acquisition programs focus on accounts that are in your sweet spot from a delivery and balance sheet perspective. Whether is 10-20 accounts or 100, these programs are purpose-built to drive and grow revenue.


Prove your performance

If your ABM analytics and metrics strategy (or your strategy in general) includes phrases like “I think”, “I feel” or “I believe” then you probably have some work to do. Account based marketing is right in that sweet spot between empathy and math, and you can’t ignore the numbers. We can help find the right metrics to tell the right story for our success.

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Account-based marketing services

Ampfactor is a B2B marketing and ABM agency that delivers results. From our ABM as a Service programs to marketing consulting services, partner with us to amp up your pipeline.

ABM as a Service

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Strategic ABM (1-to-1)

Bespoke, highly-personlized, tighly-orchestrated ABM programs done for you by our experienced team.

Scaled ABM

ABM Lite

Custom, scalable account based marketing campaigns targeting small groups of highly qualified accounts.

Scaled ABM

Scaled ABM

Programmatic ABM campaigns, targeting larger lists of 100 to 1,000 high-value accounts who share struggling moments.

ABM Consulting and Agency Services

If you need more help in your account based marketing journey, Ampfactor can help. Our B2B marketing agency helps with strategy, program development, technology, and much more.